Explore Archery Sign Up

Who:  Youth archers ages 8-20

Where:  Sandhills Archery Club

When:   Fridays starting January 18th at 6:45pm-7:30pm for 7 weeks

How much:  $8.00 a night or pay in advance the first night for a discount $45.00

What:  This program is designed for a beginner-intermediate archer that is interested in archery for recreation instead of competition.  Sandhills is requiring that a Beginners Archery Class or a Ready, Set, Shoot Course be taken before enrolling in our Explore Archery Program.  Explore Archery will be taught by USA Archery Certified Instructors.  The focus of the Explore Archery Program is to introduce youth to the Steps of Shooting through learning skills, practicing skills with drills and games.  If the child exhibits the willingness to practice the skill, they earn a medallion for mastering that skill for display on a provided chain.  The youth is not required to provide their own equipment but they are more than welcome to bring their own equipment for personal use.  There are NO requirements to hold a current membership to USA Archery, NFAA or ASA. 

Pre-registration is required, please follow link: https://form.jotform.com/83546938300157

Please contact me with questions misty_jeanotte@msn.com

JOAD Sign Up

Who: Archers ages 8-20

Where:  Sandhills Archery Club

When:  Friday nights starting January 18th for 10 weeks 7:45pm-9:05pm

How much: $100 for 10 weeks fees MUST be paid at the beginning of 1st night or youth may not shoot. Current USA Archery Membership is required.

What:  Sandhills is changing up their current format for their JOAD Team starting the winter of 2019.  JOAD will be administered by Level II or higher USA Certified Instructors.  JOAD moves from a recreational shooter to an intermediate-advanced level shooter interested in competition.  We will delve deeper into the Steps of Shooting focusing on different steps each session with practice through specific skills and drills.  We will work on affirmations, mental management, journaling, distraction training, and some equipment setup/repair instruction.  As the archer progresses, they will have the opportunity to shoot for predetermined scores based on a matrix set forth by USA Archery.  Once they achieve a specific score, they will earn a pin to place on a lanyard that can be worn on their hip quiver.  Once they have achieved all their lanyard pins, they will have the opportunity to shoot for their bronze, silver and gold Olympian Pins.  A Beginner Archery course is required for JOAD and the archer must have their own equipment.  The archer must also hold a current USA Archery, NFAA or ASA membership to participate.

New Format:

Week 1 -Stance/Transfer to Holding

Week 2  -Nock/Hook and Grip/Transfer to Holding

Week 3  -Posture and Alignment/Set-up/Transfer to Holding

Week 4  -Draw to loading/Anchor/Transfer to Holding

Week 5  -Expand and Aim/Release and Follow Through/Transfer to Holding

Week 6  -All Steps

Week 7 -Pin Shoot

Week 8  -All Steps/Equipment setup

Week 9  -Pin Shoot

Week 10  -Team Tournament/Potluck

Week 11  State Shoot in Grand Forks (300)

Preregistration is required follow link:  https://form.jotform.com/83546450775162

Please contact me with any questions misty_jeanotte@msn.com

Youth Beginner Archery Class

Youth Beginner Archery Class


The youth beginner archery class will be 2 three hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday for one weekend at Sandhills Archery Club in West Fargo, ND.

The class dates are January 12th and 13th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

The class is for ages 8 to 17 and the cost is $60 per student.

All equipment will be provided and our instructors are USA Archery certified. The class includes:

  • safety

  • equipment

  • range procedures

  • the shot cycle and fundamentals of shooting a bow as taught by USA Archery

  • scoring for target shooting

  • fun archery-based games

  • lots and lots of shooting!

Classes will be held at our indoor range in West Fargo. Directions to the park are on our website HERE if needed. We are a handicap accessible facility and people of all abilities are welcome.

Introduction to Archery

Get introduced to archery in a fun and safe environment. Our fall youth and adult beginner archery classes begin September 6 and run every Tuesday and Thursday through September 22.

Learn the same shot cycle taught to Team USA Olympic archers from our certified USA Archery instructors.

Cost of the class is $40 per person and includes all equipment.

Register online here:

Click here for Fall 2016 Youth Beginner Archery Class

Click here for Fall 2016 Adult Beginner Archery Class


Thomas kids are hitting the mark

The Thomas kids made a strong showing at the Minnesota State Outdoor 900 Target Round.
Kinzie made the move from Bowhunter Freestyle to Freestyle Unlimited 3 weeks ago and is now shooting with a scope and a back tension release. On Saturday of the shoot Kinzie shot an 881. This "unofficially" set the MN State Record. On Sunday she shot an 891, breaking her own "unofficial"record. Overall she took 1st in her division. Her proud Papa is waiting to hear when the score becomes "official".

Following in her footsteps is Kinzie's brother Tyler. He shot an 831 on Saturday and an 829 on Sunday. Tyler placed third in the Midget Bowhunter Freestyle (8 and under) division.
Congratulations Kinzie and Tyler! 


Kinzie Thomas Update - World Indoor Classic

Written by her proud Papa -

Kinzie had another amazing archery weekend.  It was a three day tournament in Yankton SD.  This tournament was a world tournament. South Africa, Germany,  Austria, France, and a couple other countries were there as well.  It was a 300 round tournament with all three days.  Kinzie shot a perfect 300 the first day, she shot a perfect 300 on Saturday.  Going into the final day, Kinzie was tied with 3 others with perfect scores.  In the second of 12 ends, Kinzie dropped a point.  Two ends later, a girl in the lead misses the whole target and hits two fours.  Long story short, two girls tied with 900/900 scores,  Kinzie and another girl from Florida were tied at 899/900.  What next? A shoot off.  During the shoot off they get 3 ends. With an X count.  ALL girls shot same scores.  Now we go to sudden death. Each archer gets one arrow. Best score wins.  Another tie.  Sudden death round two.  Inside out ruling. Kinzie splits the X other girl barely cuts line for a X.  Both tie.  Sudden death round three.  Archer closest to center of X wins.  Kinzie was 1/4 inch right of X, her competitor was 1/8 inch closer.  That is how well she did shooting pins.  Everyone else had Scopes. I am very proud of her.  She shot 899/900 and placed fourth.

National Winner!!!

Kinzie Thomas, a young, unassuming and humble archer has had a fantastic year with her bow. Kinzey was a 3 time winner at the North Dakota State Shoot and recently won the 600 Round Nationals and the National 3D Unmarked tournament in Yankton South Dakota. We are all very proud of you Kinzie and want to congratulate you on your fantastic shooting ability. It has been a joy to watch Kinzie shoot during the league season, both with the kids and the adults. Everyone who knows Kinzie eagerly awaits to see what the future brings for this little sharp shooter.