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Attention Mule Deer Hunters


Out of A State Shoot - Platte Valley, NE Archers Shoot

CLICK HERE to see a poster of the upcoming Platte Valley Archers shoot on January 30th, 31st and Feb. 1st


2015 Charity Shoot

The 2015 Annual Charity Shoot is scheduled for January 17th & January 18th. The shoot will be held at the club. CLICK HERE for more information.


Fall Archery Classes



Fall Archery Classes

This Fall we will be offering our Beginner course and an Intermediate course. Both courses will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks.  Dates are October 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, and 23rd.  The Beginner group will be from 6:00-7:30 PM, Intermediate group from 7:45-9:15 PM.  Archers do not need to be club members to participate in our classes.

The Beginner course (CLASSS IS FULL) is open to archers ages 8 and up. We will cover  safety, equipment, range procedures, and proper shooting form/fundamentals.  Various targets and games will be used to keep learning archery fun.  We provide all of the equipment needed for the beginner course.  If you have your own equipment you are welcome to use it for the last two class sessions provided it is the correct size and is in safe shootable condition.  Cost is $40

The Intermediate course is open to archers who have their own equipment AND have taken the SAC Beginner course or have been shooting for two years.  Archers will use their own equipment during the entire session.  Equipment must be the correct size and in safe shootable condition.  During the class we will review the shot cycle (covered in the beginner course), bow tuning and maintenance, as well as further introduce archers to common archery games like 300, Vegas 300, and 3D rounds.  Cost is $40
Reserve your spot on the roster by email, space is limited!  Send the archers name, age, and which class you would like to Robbie by CLICKING HERE.
Remember the beginner course is a pre-requisite for the Intermediate unless you have shot for at least two years AND you have your own equipment.  We look forward to introducing you to the world of archery or helping you fine tune your skills!