Who: Archers ages 8-20

Where:  Sandhills Archery Club

When:  Friday nights starting January 18th for 10 weeks 7:45pm-9:05pm

How much: $100 for 10 weeks fees MUST be paid at the beginning of 1st night or youth may not shoot. Current USA Archery Membership is required.

What:  Sandhills is changing up their current format for their JOAD Team starting the winter of 2019.  JOAD will be administered by Level II or higher USA Certified Instructors.  JOAD moves from a recreational shooter to an intermediate-advanced level shooter interested in competition.  We will delve deeper into the Steps of Shooting focusing on different steps each session with practice through specific skills and drills.  We will work on affirmations, mental management, journaling, distraction training, and some equipment setup/repair instruction.  As the archer progresses, they will have the opportunity to shoot for predetermined scores based on a matrix set forth by USA Archery.  Once they achieve a specific score, they will earn a pin to place on a lanyard that can be worn on their hip quiver.  Once they have achieved all their lanyard pins, they will have the opportunity to shoot for their bronze, silver and gold Olympian Pins.  A Beginner Archery course is required for JOAD and the archer must have their own equipment.  The archer must also hold a current USA Archery, NFAA or ASA membership to participate.

New Format:

Week 1  =Stance/Transfer to Holding

Week 2  -Nock/Hook and Grip/Transfer to Holding

Week 3  -Posture and Alignment/Set-up/Transfer to Holding

Week 4  -Draw to loading/Anchor/Transfer to Holding

Week 5  -Expand and Aim/Release and Follow Through/Transfer to Holding

Week 6  -All Steps

Week 7 -Pin Shoot

Week 8  -All Steps/Equipment setup

Week 9  -Pin Shoot

Week 10  -Team Tournament/Potluck

Week 11 - State Shoot in Grand Forks (300)

Preregistration is required follow link:  https://form.jotform.com/83546450775162