Kinzie Thomas Update - World Indoor Classic

Written by her proud Papa -

Kinzie had another amazing archery weekend.  It was a three day tournament in Yankton SD.  This tournament was a world tournament. South Africa, Germany,  Austria, France, and a couple other countries were there as well.  It was a 300 round tournament with all three days.  Kinzie shot a perfect 300 the first day, she shot a perfect 300 on Saturday.  Going into the final day, Kinzie was tied with 3 others with perfect scores.  In the second of 12 ends, Kinzie dropped a point.  Two ends later, a girl in the lead misses the whole target and hits two fours.  Long story short, two girls tied with 900/900 scores,  Kinzie and another girl from Florida were tied at 899/900.  What next? A shoot off.  During the shoot off they get 3 ends. With an X count.  ALL girls shot same scores.  Now we go to sudden death. Each archer gets one arrow. Best score wins.  Another tie.  Sudden death round two.  Inside out ruling. Kinzie splits the X other girl barely cuts line for a X.  Both tie.  Sudden death round three.  Archer closest to center of X wins.  Kinzie was 1/4 inch right of X, her competitor was 1/8 inch closer.  That is how well she did shooting pins.  Everyone else had Scopes. I am very proud of her.  She shot 899/900 and placed fourth.