Broadhead Usage at the Park

As hunting season draws near everyone will be wanting to test their setups with broadheads. This is encouraged and every ethical hunter should be shooting their broadheads to be sure they impact where intended.

There is a broadhead pit located just North of the starting point of the 3D course. This is the ONLY PLACE BROADHEADS ARE ALLLOWED on the park grounds. Old 3D Targets and a Block Target are located here for you to shoot at. There is also an elevated stand for your use at the Broadhead Pit. 

Shooting broadheads anywhere else at the park will not be tolerated and violators may be subject to their membership being revoked. 3D targets are expensive and the club cannot afford to keep replacing damaged targets because of violators shooting broadheads on the 3D course, field range, practice range or indoor range. 

Please help police this policy. Sandhills Archery Club is your club. Your membership fees are a direct reflection of the costs it takes to operate the club. Lets work together to keep our costs and membership fees down.